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18.04.2020 02:14:50
The Internet is not a mass media but rather a collection of small intimate relationships, made much cheaper to conduct by the new technology.
18.04.2020 02:14:34
Do you always treat the other person (and more importantly, yourself) as genuine individuals with a unique story to tell? Or are you trying to create some sort of a cyber assembly line?
18.04.2020 02:14:01
We have a guy in town here, who can take an untamed horse and be on its back without a saddle or bridle in an hour. He does it by watching what the horse does in response to the moves he makes. When the horse relaxes and shows enjoyment, he moves further in that direction.
18.04.2020 02:13:35
“The ultimate meaning of my communication is in the response that the listener makes to it.”This is some good practical advice we’ll share.
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18.04.2020 02:13:10
On my own blog, the traffic’s a lot more relational and focused, so for now, I can afford to moderate comments on my own, as they come in. That does change through the life of a blog, but so far, it works for me!